Denim Code has recognized that research and development is essential for continual growth and improvement of the company. Our R&D center is well-equipped with a team of highly qualified textile chemists, technologists and technicians.

Our R&D Center has close cooperation with our customers by performing lab-scale trials to evaluate performance of each product upon their request, for product complaint, or to find solutions for the technical problem they might encounter. We have a wide array of equipment and machineries to imitate actual production scenario, thus producing high quality evaluation reports to our customers.

Our customers, who operate in a very competitive environment, are constantly looking for new and innovative products. With the support of our R&D Centre, we ensure that we are able to react to the latest trends and developments in the textile wet process industry.

Our R&D Center focus on:

  1. Meeting specific requirement of our customers.

  2. New development and innovation for textile chemicals and auxiliaries.

  3. Giving full support to our technical sales team in evaluation of company products against competitor products.