Serving our customer since 2004, we have built the trust and good partnership with our customers, by providing tailor-made solution according to customer’s requirements.

Working with a group of experienced textile technologist and chemist, Denim Code had identified the key points needed for restructuring and growth to serves its local and export market better.

Our technical team is further strengthened with the appointment of experienced consultants, both in the textile industry and local universities to develop new products to cater for emerging new requirements from our customer.

Our Strength

  1. Strong technical sales team to support and service our customers at their production sites.

  2. New and bigger capacity machineries to produce high quality products.

  3. New lab-scale equipments for characterization and R&D of products.

  4. Professional advice from consultant in terms of chemistry for our products, new development and innovation in the synthesis and manufacturing of the products.

  5. Professional advice from consultant in terms of application of the products based on many years of practical experience.