Scouring Agents & Detergents

Product Name Product Description
DESILON RDT Non enzymatic desizing agent with lubricating properties.
DESILASE LT-5 Low temperature amylase based desizing agent.
DECOGENT EC-LF CONC Eco-friendly detergent and wetting agent.
DECOGENT CS-PD (LF) A nonionic wetting and scouring agent for bleaching process with hydrogen peroxide.
DENIBOOST JB65 Effective detergent and oil removing agent.
PEROXYL 5 Peroxide bleaching stabilizer for cellulose preparation.
TRIDANT 1000 3 in 1 agent including detergent, sequestering agent and peroxide stabilizer.
OX QUENCH RX-L Catalase-based peroxide removing agent used in post-bleaching operation.